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 Distance Education - Correspondence Courses
      In a vast country like India, where people and their favourite institutions are separated by great distances, often obstructing the mainstream style of education, the distance mode will prove to be useful in many cases.

      The tremendous pace at which science and technology is progressing makes it essential for people to develop their knowledge and skills in order to keep themselves abreast of the current trends in their fields of work. These are indeed global phenomena and not confined to our country. The emergence of distance learning as a significant component of education in society has become a source of opportunities for a sizeable segment of our people.

      Yet another bright aspect of the system is that it helps to impart education to those who aspire to learn more, but who do not have the convenience for it, since they happen to be stationed in remote areas. Also, there are school/college dropouts who wish to come back to learning, either for career advancement or for other reasons. The fulfilment of the aspirations of such disadvantaged groups has a positive social impact.
Distance Vs Open

      In distance learning or distance education, the teacher and learner are separated geographically and by time. We know the system of correspondence courses. This has developed into distance education, with the acquisition of additional features. On the other hand, open learning refers to an arrangement in which learners adopt the style of self-instruction, completing courses structured around specially prepared learning materials, supported by contact classes and examinations.

      Open learning implies a philosophy of open entry and access to learning opportunities. But it does not necessarily incorporate technological advances. Distance learning makes use of new technological devices. There may be slightly varying views on these definitions. Open universities have made remarkable progress in recent years thanks to the great demand for facilities different from those offered by conventional colleges.

Correspondece / Distance Education Courses offered by various universities:
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